Reflex – 08/03/1995

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Title Reflex
Start Date 08/03/1995
End Date 08/12/1995
Abstract Confronting new work by 10 choreographers on themes from identity to underwear Gvild Dance Theatre is special in that it maintains a commitment to support students in their endevours to produce, choreograph and perform contemporary and creative dance works
Designer Stephen Froelich
Company Guild Dance Theatre
Venue Des Conner Room, Union House
References Media Release ; Programme
Extra Notes Dance
Cast Jude Bothroyd, Nida Byrres, Penny Carrol, Varossa Case, Jenny Crossman, Kerry Coshgan, Davina Dudley – Moore, Camilla de Niese, Brett Dwyer, Julie Fam, Andrew Hannaford, Nicole Harstead, Melissa Laws, Kirsty Mead, Amanda Melville, Emma Newman, Nicki Porter, Jordie Slonim, Eliza Terry, Helen Tunnock, Nerida Weller
Notes Mudfest 1995