Heaven Anon, Divinity Adieu

05/10/1995 – 21/10/1995

Marcus Smith and John Bailey

Director’s Note: This show is designed to give you the chance to put us to the test. We entreat you to wander, act and react. Pray in the chapel, taste the bakery’s produce, rub gauntlets with Robert Poley, challenge Shakespeare to a soliloquay showdown, confess your sins to Archbishop Whitgift or uncover the mystery of Marlowe himself.

Marlowe is dead. Kyd is in the torture house. Greene dances for ducats and Shakespeare is very, very happy. Join the scheming audience on the first night of Marlowe’s “Dr Faustus”. A cataclysmic new style of theatre played out on two floors of Elizabethan architecture. Audience should wear dark clothing. Drinks provided.

Produced by Y Theatre at the former CUB Brewhouse

John Bailey and Marcus Smith
Mischa Long, Catherine Raven and Melita Rowston
Peter Berry, Sam Campbell, Melinda Drummond, Caroline Flammea, Clare Gatehouse, Karen Glasson, Patrick Hughes, Guy Lewis, Joseph Linnestead, Marcus Lovitt, Charlotte McCabe, Mickael McNumara, Darcy Neave, Anna Newbold, Chris McPhee, Brad Phelan, Patrick Porter, Daniel Rice, Anita Rivera, Jacinta Ure, Marcus Smith, John Bailey, Melita Rowston, Misha Long, Catherine Rowen, Mathew Lyndon
Composer – Jenny Kusner Production Manager – Matt Jones Lighting Designer – Zac Spetzer Costume Designer – Lisa Engeham