Begin Search (1996)

05/09/1996 – 14/09/1996


Space: Where the physical body exists
Technology: Where notions of space are challenged
Technological Space: You can’t feel it. You can’t touch it. You reach through it every day.

Dance and audiance on one nodal point. Reach to rifle this spaceless space of limitless dimensions. On the hunt.

Emma Newman
Music director
Alan Griffiths
See program for dancers listed for each piece.
Composers and Choreographers:
Alan Griffiths
Catrina Seiffert
Andrew Ioannou
Angela Strk
Zoe Wood
Darcy Neave
Gary McKie
Roy Fitzgerald
Vanessa Case
Narelle Robinson
Eliza Terry

Producer: Dvid Paynter
Artistic Director: Emma Newman
Production Manager: Phil Walford
Publicity & Programme: Craig Burton, Greg Paynter, Kabita Dhara
Graphic Design: Greg Paynter/Oriate Design
Sponsorship: Craig Burton, Darcy Neave
Stage Manager: Simon Pollock
Asst. Stage Manager: Lang Stuiver
Lighting Design: Simon Cornish
Lighting Crew: Nick Merrylees, Jonathon Marshall, Lisa Parris, Shane McKenzie, Matt Lennox.
Stage Design: Uteworks
Sound Operation: Paul Lim
Music Coordination & CD Mastering: Craig Burton
House & Transitional Music: Gary McKie

Guild Dance Theatre Exexc Committee:
Gael Macnaughtan, Zoe Wood, Emily Tay