The Yellow Wallpaper – 12/08/1997

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Title The Yellow Wallpaper
Start Date 12/08/1997
End Date 17/08/1997
Abstract ‘A “hysterical” Charlotte is sent to the country to “rest”. In an old house, confined to a disused nursery, forbidden to read, write or engae in fanciful thoughts, the wallpaper begins to plague Charlotte. She believes there are women behind it, trapped by the pattern…’ (poster)
Stage Manager Nina Bonacci
Author Charlotte Perkins-Gilman
Director Melita Rowston
Choreographer Claudia Kovacs
Choreographer Katerina Gauntlett
Company Glass Theatre
Venue George Paton Gallery
References from: Theatre Production DB
Cast Charlotte – Robyn McMicking; John – Richard Chambers; Ada – Jacklyn Wilkinson; Bessie – Melita Rowston; Ethel – Katerina Gauntlett
Extra Notes Adapted by Melita Rowston
Notes Mudfest