Phar and Away – 16/10/1997

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Title Phar and Away
Start Date 16/10/1997
End Date 25/10/1997
Author Simon Day and Rohan Trollope
Company Pumblechook Productions
Venue Guild Theatre
Cast Ashley Wood, Shan Jayaweera, Charmaine Monteiro, Kylie Trounson, Justin Murray, Clare Gatehouse, Luke Ryan, Alison Walker, Astrid Briggs, Chris Mildren, Simon Day
Crew Production Manager – Bec Franklin, Musical Director – Chris Mildren, Lighting Designer – Bronwyn Pringle, Sound Designer – Paul Lim, Stage Manager – Sommer Owens, Lighting Operator – Jennie Sholl, Sound Operator – Bec Sloan, Followspot – Kevin Yap, Front of House – Kath Ryan and Lucy Watson
Musicians Musical Director and Piano – Chris Mildren, Tenor Sax – David MacLeod, Alto Sax – Soren Jayaweera, Trumpet – Chris Peile, Bass – Alastair Watts
Notes Written and directed by Rohan Trollope and Simon Day, and workshopped by the Cast. Original music by Chris Mildren. Lyrics by Rohan Trollope and Simon Day.Join Michael Phar, five other Australian backpackers and international art critic Robert Hughes as they do Europe and, somehow, the great Australian film. Exploring art galleries and national identity, famous sights and that horse they’ve got stuffed in the Museum of Victoria, the highs and lows of travelling and bursting into song at inopportune moments. As Robert Hughes says, “A show for anyone who has ever stood in front of the Mona Lisa and discussed footy, or indeed been disgusted by the discussion.” All right so he didn’t really say that, we just made it up.
Phar and Away 1997 Poster

Phar and Away 1997 Poster