Scope – 21/05/1999

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Title Scope
Start Date 21/05/1999
End Date 29/05/1999
Abstract A journey through time – from precision renaissance dance, to modernist sculpture, transitions merge – moving into physical representations of disembodied love online.
Director Felicity MacDonald
Designer Kate Church
Music Director David Corbet
Designer Hugh Colman
Company Theatre Department
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Richard Vabre, Ruth Singer, Aizura Hankin, Jonathon Marshall, Grace Walpole, Fiona Haaz, Katherine Tonkin, Alex Jordan, Erwin Ongso, Madeline Miller, Allison Pagono, bianca yianni, Eve Vincent, Zoe Wood, Natalie Poole, Paul Roberts, Marissa Corral, Paul Wood, Daniel Vaughan,
Credits David Corbet did the Music and Sound Design with Ben Grant working on Music.
Notes Group devised

Scope 1999 – Poster