Muddy Shorts – New Short Works

06/08/1999 – 17/08/1999

Produced by


Author Angus Cerini
Director Angus Cerini
Director Daniel Nellor
Author Rachel Cameron
Director Lally Katz
Author Chris Howlett
Director Chris Howlett
Author Pierre Proske
Director Pierre Proske
Author Lally Katz


Junk – Concerning queations of representation and reality),The audience – A paranoid witch and her mental deterioration.,The people who stamp papers all day – Lost in the bureaucratic machine,MSG and Me – A short foray into commodity culture,The Fly – A person whose ideas are too big for their brain,Recidivist – where actual accounts tell only a fraction of the story,Seeds – Hole Theatre 9 women explore and ancient tale of a woman who murdered her husband