30/10/2002 – 02/11/2002

Paul Monaghan with Third Year Theatre studies students of the School of Creative Arts
Paul Monaghan
The Inspector – Roger Morrison The Stooges – Beata Lukasiac, Nick Maxwell and Louisa Renard Wardens/Inmates – Simon Abrahams, Rachel Bowen, Olivia Crang, Melissa Eastham, Lauren Falconer, Samanatha Hill, Michelle Giordmaina, Miho Reis and Ben Zika Inmates/Wardens – Catherine Armstrong, Alannah Cavalieri, Drew Echberg, Kristen hauser, Katie Hunt, Lucy Kane, Leila Lutz, Ferne Millen and Parris Sloan
Stage Manager- Erin Kurth Assistant Direction – Miranda borman, Parris Sloan and Ben Zika Movement Team – Parris Sloan, Catherine Armstrong, Olivia Crang, melissa Eastham, Michelle Giordaina, Katie Hunt and Ferne Millen Text Team – Ben Zika, Rachel Bowen, Melissa Eastham, Kristen Hauser, Samantha Hill and Nick Maxwell Set & Costumes – Lauren Falconer, Lucy Kane, Alannah Cavalieri, Roger Morrison, Miho reis, Louisa Renard and Leil Lutz Lighting – Paul Monaghan, Lisa Dobrich and Beata Lukasiac Lighting Operation – Lisa Dobrich Music Selections – Paul Monaghan and Drew Echberg Recording – Drew Echberg and Mark Lutz Operation – Erin Kurth Production Manager – Simon Abrahams Promotion – Simon Abrahams and Katie Hunt Program Photography – Cherie Winter Foyer Display – Leila Lutz Internal Foyer Art – Jasmine Powell