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Adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo from the novel by Tim Winton.
Tim Winton’s award winning novel Cloudstreet traces the lives of two polarised families in Perth in the mid-1900s. Fleeing their pasts the two rural families, by different fates, come together to inhabit the mysterious dwelling that is Cloudstreet. An emotional yet humorous discourse of love, hate and relationships set in a moving encapsulation of Australian life.
Chub Pickles – Cam Ashcroft; Quick Lamb – Nikhil Bodhankar; Cousin Fred – Seb Brown; Nedlands Monster – Seb Brown; Toby Raven – Duncan Byrne; Red Lamb – Georgie Cole; Sally – Georgie Cole; Dolly Pickles – Lily Constantine; Doctor – Jayne Duffy; Rose Pickles – Sophie Griffin; Fish Lamb – Bruce Hardy; Alma – Sally Harris; Meredith – Sally Harris; Ted Pickles – Jon Hoevenaars; Gerry Clay – Michael Huguenin; Minister – Michael Huguenin; Lester Lamb – Ben Landau; Angry Man – Dean Little; Mr Wentworth – Dean Little; American Pilot – Caleb Liu; Merle – Jacqui Lloyd; Pansy Mullet – Jacqui Lloyd; Mrs Clay – Amy Melrose; Lucy Wentworth – Elise Miller; Darleen – Elise Miller; Oriel Lamb – Emma O’Connell; Lon Lamb – Rich Parrish; Black Man – Anupam Rao; Sam Pickles – Andrew Smith; Elaine Lamb – Alli Snow; Anthea – Alli Snow; Hattie Lamb – Leah Watts; Lawyer – Phil Woodward; Headley – Phil Woodward; Wogga McBride – Jesse Zanker; Sarge – Jesse Zanker
Technical Direction: Kenneth Ng; Technical Direction: Tom Fifield; Audio Operator: Nick Bennet; Lighting Operator: Bramley Turner-Jones; Followspot Operator: Xing Ning Hoo; Projectionist: Si Huai Yeaw