The Puppets – 14/08/2009

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Title The Puppets
Start Date 14/08/2009
End Date 22/08/2009
Abstract Original Musical by Chinese Theatre Group.
Director Xiao Liu
Music Director Anthony Williams
Author Bonnie Zhou
Company Chinese Music Group
Venue Union Theatre
Musicians Anthony Williams, Zach Tay, Qianwen Chu, Sinsing Chin, Grace Chua Oui Hoon, Lachlan Lin, Matthew Kwok, Daniel Truong, Stephen Lee, Jie Zhou, Brian Yue, Matthew Ng
Cast Adriano Jorge, Emily Yin Thin Yap, Peter Lam, Crystal Liang, Alan Chen, Chanelle Che, Jun Wey Lee, Melanie Tan, Shermayne Chong, Sail Zhang, Shane Tan, Vincent Yim, Sarah Huang, Titi Teng, Ke Zhao
Notes Dreams are neglected as the temptation of popularity, prosperity, love and happiness entwines between them. Ben, an innocent and inspiring puppet awakens their long forgotten dreams but they soon find out that they are not much different from him