Finished and Unfinished: Playreadings


Ever wondered what strange thoughts are surging around in the brains of the other students in your lectures? This is how you find out.Over three nights a series of playreadings will be presented from works submitted to Union House Theatre by current Melbourne University students. We will be calling for submissions soon and they can be anything from a synopsis, via several fragmentary scenes, to a first draft or a polished gem
that’s been sitting for years in a bottom drawer.Each evening will include a special event and/or guest. Come to all three!

Author: Chris Summers
Director: Xaris Miller
Cast: Will Stanton, Ciella Williams

Camberwell House
Author: Amelia Roper
Director: Xaris Miller
Cast: Xaris Miller

The Dark Room
Author: Angela Betzien
Director: Xaris Miller
Cast: Ciella Williams, Mattie Young

Vandals in Sandals
Author: Paul Laverty
Director: Matthew Ziccone
Cast: Luke McMahon, Will Stanton, Tom Carmody, Steffi Chang

Author: Jack Madin
Director: Tom Gutteridge
Cast: Will Stanton, Alice Dawes, Myf Clark

Author: Matthew Ziccone
Director: Tom Gutteridge
Cast: Luke McMahon, Tom Carmody, Steffi Chang, Celia Handscombe, Jo Bowen, Bree O’Dwyer

Making Friends
Author: Francis Grin
Director: Tomr Gutteridge
Cast: Jo Bowen, Steffi Chang, Matt Ziccone, Will Stanton

Dora’s Tears
Author: Mathilda Lunken
Director: Phoebe Taylor
Cast: Sally Chadwick, Bree O’Dwyer, Celia Handscombe, Alice Dawes

Author: Mattie Young
Director: Phoebe Taylor
Cast: Tom Carmody, Sally Chadwick, Celia Handcombe

These Franks Kill Fascists
Author: Eleanor Bally
Director: Phoebe Taylor
Cast: Sally Chadwick, Bree O’Dwyer, Alice Dawes

Post-Racialism and the Ginger Paradox
Author: Rose Johnstone
Director: Phoebe Taylor
Cast: Myf Clark