The Blue Room (2010)

28/04/2010 – 01/05/2010

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David Hare, Adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde

Originally conceived as ‘unprintable’ work, The Blue Room scrutinizes class ideology and the sexual morals of Britain in the 90s. “Do you want to come home with me?”

Sara Tabitha Catchpole
The Girl: Nalini Vasudevan
The Cab Driver: Eben Rojter
The Au Pair: Heidi Valkenburg
The Student: Demitrios Sirilas
The Married Woman: Lara Stevens
The Politician: Corey Reynolds
The Model: Madeleine Ryan
The Playwright: Jan Mihal
The Actress: Imogen Sage
The Aristocrat: David Vatousios
Director: Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Stage Manager: Ele Toulmin
Set & Costume Designer: Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Light Designer: Zach Oakes
Sound Designers: Dene Murphy & Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Music Director: David Miles
Assistant Stage Manager: Jenn Taylor
Head of Set Construction: Dylan Morgan
Set Construction Team: Dylan Morgan, Angus McNab, Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Lighting Operator: Zach Oakes
Sound Operators: Dene Murphy & Ele Toulmin
Hair/Makeup: Katerina Psathas
Sponsorship/Fundraising/Graphic Designers: Dylan Morgan & Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Photographer: Emma Catchpole
Front of House Manager: Angus Mcnab
Casting Consultant: Alex Hughes
Ushers: Tesla Hawkins, Michaela Bedel, Maggie Webb

“The Blue Room” song composed by David Miles