Phaedra’s Love (2010)

04/08/2010 – 07/08/2010

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Sarah Kane

‘Phaedra’s Love’ is based on Seneca’s ‘Phaedra’, the story of a Queen’s love for her stepson. Be prepared for blood, semen, sex, violence, darkness, hate, religion, rape, Freud, riots and love…because above all this is a love story. It’s Kane’s comedy of love. “Hate me now?”

Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Hippolytus: Jan Mihal
Phaedra: Jacinta Yelland
Strophe: Georgia Kelly
Theseus: Dylan Morgan
The Priest/Man 1: Tobias Menderson-Galvin
The Doctor/Man 2: Max Patterson
Woman 1/Eris: Carly Hulls
Woman 2/Aphrodite: Nalini Vasudevan
Policeman 1/Hera: Jodi Thiele
Policeman 2/Athena: Elise Pulbrook
Riot Policeman: Jono Lean
Riot Policeman: Shaun Fitzgerald
Director: Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Assistant Director: Alex Hughes
Stage Manager: Ele Toulmin
Production Managers: Sara Tabitha Catchpole & Alex Hughes
Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Caust
Set Design/Construction: Sara Tabitha Catchpole & Sarah Iacono
Costume Design: Mark Meharg & Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Costume Construction: Mark Meharg
Lighting Design and Operation: Kei Murakami
Lighting Assistant: Zach Oakes
Sound Design: Dylan Morgan
Sound Operation: Dene Murphy
Hair/Makeup: Erin Caust
Publicity Design: Sara Tabitha Catchpole & Dylan Morgan
Sponsorship/Fundraising Team: Elise Pulbrook & Dylan Morgan
Front of House Manager: Angus McNab
Photographer: Emma Catchpole