Fame: The Musical (2007)

17/10/2007 – 20/10/2007

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David De Silva, Jose Fernandez, Jacques Levy, Steve Margoshes.
UMMTA drags you along on a spectacular 80's journey with the final class of New York's High School for Performing Arts on 46th Street. The group that brought you Cabaret, Jesus Christ Superstar and many more brings this global phenomena to the Union Theatre in a production that is sure to be a spectacle not to be missed.
Sara-Tabitha Catchpole
Music director
Trevor Maitland
Caitlin Adams and Cristin Adams
Caitlin Adams, Jarryd Martin, Alex Flood, Matthew Holt, Sophie Briggs, Jack Brown, Danielle Asciak, Jamieson Pearce, Ellie Morrison, Ben Ellwood, Ruth Brown, Simone French, Joseph Hillel, Dylan Morgan, Cristin Adams, Nicholas Coxon, Kirsten Gray, Anderson Nunnelley, Teresa Swierzynski, David Tan, Tracy Carrey, Shaun Fitzgerald, Emily Hehir, Tegan Jones, Max Paterson, Cassie Pennicuik, Kaela Snibson, Siobhan Toohey
Caitlin Adams, Cristin Adams, Trevor Maitland, Katherine St. Lawrence, Katie Hankin, Fay Helfenbaum, Jessica Maguire, Emma Catchpole, David Kent, Elizabeth Payne, Adam Loiacono, Andrew Smith, Adaline Tallarida, Wing Ying Mak, Gavan Keamy, Robyn Lowenstein, Hannah Do, David Miles, Cassie Pennicuik