The Tempest

William Shakespeare

Director’s Note: Welcome to this production of The Tempest at Union House. It has been a wonderful, slightly nostalgic project for me having graduated 21 years ago from this very place after having some formative experiences of my own in Melbourne University student theatre. What remains the same is the passionate immersion into the craft, the strong camaraderie and the depth of the relationships formed by the staff and students. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Tom Gutteridge and an added bonus to get to direct him! Thanks for the faith and commitment Tom. To all the UHT staff: Erin, Gus, Drew and Clynton, the design team of Chris, Gabrielle, Ariana and Georgia and to the irrepressible SM Christa Jonathan, my heartfelt thanks. Ashlee Clapp, you are so talented and generous and it has been my pleasure to work with you and your team. Andy Hamblin, thanks for all of your creativity and talent. My thanks also to my friends and colleagues Kat Chan, Lisa Mibus and Esther-Marie Hayes for mentoring duties. To the actors, thank you for your energy and ideas, your original and inspiring offers and mostly for listening to all my stories about the late 80’s early 90’s, i.e., the days before you were born! Finally, great thanks and much respect to my colleagues and AD’s Pete Blackburn and Sandra Polak whose work and support made everything easier and kept the ball rolling! Enjoy the play and the work of these wonderful young artists.   Matt Scholten, Director

Matt Scholten
Gabrielle Lewis
Tom Gutteridge – Prospero
Alexander Thom – Antonio
Amelia Burke – Miranda
Cara Greenham – Adrian
Charlotte Salusinszky – Francisco
Henry Shaw – Sebastian
Olivia Wawryk – Juno
Jess Kapuscinski-Evans – Captain
Jess Newman – Trinculo
Josiah Lulham – Stephano
Katharine Gentry – Caliban
Felicia King – Ariel
Liam Bellman-Sharpe – Boatswain
Pia Spreadborough – Iris/Mariner
Rémy Chadwick – Ferdinand
Rohan Byrne – Alonso
Brendan McDougall – Gonzalo


Liam Bellman-Sharpe – Guitar
Ashlee Clapp – French Horn, Maschine and Percussion
Meera Fernandes – Trumpet
Jai Leeworthy – Keyboard and Trombone
Director – Matt Scholten
Musical Director – Ashlee Clapp
Set Designer – Gabrielle Lewis
Mistress of Props – Georgia Marett
Costume and Makeup Designer – Ariana Lim
Lighting Designer – Chris Payne
Choreographer – Andrew Hamblin
Assistant Directors – Peter Blackburn and Sandra Polak
Assistant Musical Director – Meera Fernandes
Set Design Mentor – Kat Chan
Lighting Design Mentor – Lisa Mibus
Costume Design Mentor – Esther Hayes
Composers – Liam Bellman-Sharpe, Ashlee Clapp, Meera Fernandes,
Jess Keefe, Jai Leeworthy, Jess Newman
Production Manager – Gus Macdonald
Head Technician – Clynton Jones
Stage Carpenter and Mechanist – Drew Harding
Stage Manager – Christa Jonathan
Assistant Stage Manager – Matilda Houlihan
Marketing and Publicity – Erin Adams and Rémy Chadwick
Photographer – Bonnie Leigh-Dodds
Videographer – Greta Nash
Front of House – Belinda Dalton
Lighting Operator – Sara Kissel
Graphic Design – Daga Mikolaj
Extra notes
Running time: 2 hrs 30 minutes, including interval