A Chorus Line

08/05/2013 – 11/05/2013

Michael Bennett, James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante

A Chorus line is an incredibly poignant production to every person working in the
performing arts industry. It speaks not only to dancers but to all performers, designers and creators working in the performing arts.
The risk (and intention) with A Chorus line is that you can sit through 90 minutes of the
histories of 17 dancers (and a director and his assistant) displayed through beautiful
music, creative and technically stunning choreography and interesting, character history driven text; but then lose your audience to the sequins, lights and rehearsed “1-love-to¬≠
dance” smiles in the final number “One”. The glamour of performance is designed to encase an audience in a certain world, a certain outlook on life and a very specific view of
performers and who they are as individuals -or in this case: who they are as a blended
I believe every performance of A Chorus line has two audiences. The first is the audience who are swept away by the precision, glitz, passion and unity ofa chorus in any musical or theatrical production. The second is the audience of performers themselves, who really
understand that feeling of fa:ade in a forced smile, or the emotional and physical pain of
repetition in audition and performance. Both audiences can enjoy the entertainment of A Chorus Line, but at the same time, both audiences can take something truly personal away from it.
When the cast weren’t singing and dancing for hours on end in rehearsals I made sure we talked a lot about being special and being an individual. Zach sees how special Cassie is in the show because he knows her personally. He feels he has validated her talent by casting her in lead roles in the past and as a result she is seen by him to be more special than any of the other dancers on stage. Cassie’s reply is simple, clear and culminates the entire
message of the show for me, and I hope therefore conveyed to you: Everyone is special.
“They’re all special”.
The final scenes of the show focus heavily on what the performers would do if they couldn’t dance anymore. I had the cast think about the one goal or aspect of their lives which they couldn’t live without; something that they wouldn’t be able to replace with anything else. The results varied from performing (music, dancing, and acting) to academic endeavours
(medicine, law, and politics). Some results really touched me: being a mother one day;
always having friends and family around; simply being happy and content with oneself. 1
asked them to think about how they would feel if they couldn’t have that one thing in their lives anymore. That feeling is the ugly guts of the text: “What would you do if you couldn’t dance anymore”. It affects every single person, no matter their goals or priorities. That
niggling question in the back of your mind of what you would do if it was all taken away?
Thank you so much to the cast and crew, especially Cassie, Ant and Simone, for maldng A Chorus Line so incredible and so enjoyable to work on. Thank you to Trinity College for
having me back again and congratulations to all for all the hard work that’s been put into
the show.

Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Music director
Anthony Cardamone
Cassie Pennicuik
Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Jay Kim
Alex Horton
Gretel Hayden
Maiia Brent
Nicholas Langford
Gaby Lefevre
Camille Nock
Tom Li

Taylor Callaghan
Georgia Bettens
Jessica Bradford
Brad Den Heijer
Ben Mahoney
Bayden Hitchcock
Laura Raiti
Matt Geleta
Alex Coppe
James Alcorn
James Allen
Georgina Baker
Ashley Broadway
Freya Brolsma
Nick Cole
Matt hargraves
Britt King
Campbell Macgillvray
James Roberts
Phoebe Thomson
Anna Wallace
Jack Young
Lily Chen
Rob Lean
Annie Aitken
Maia Brent

Conductor - Anthony Cardamone Orchestra manager - Audrey Moore
Reed 1: Jordan LoPiccolo
Reed 2: Shae Stabryla
Reed 3: Nick Montgomery
Reed 4: Luke Wilson
Trumpet : Anthony Foon Trumpet: Katy Daivis
Trumpet: Oliver Harley
Trombone: Jessica Jacobs Trombone: Audrey Moore
Bass Trombone: Josh Hooke
Percussion : Luis Duhart
Percussion : Shanley Price
Keyboard 1: Laura Hanson
Keyboard 2: Bradley Tjandra
Keyboard 3: Chudi Wang
Bass Guitar: Alexander Galligan
Producer: Simone Nathan
Artistic Director: Gaby Lefevre
Assistant Artistic Director: Camille Nock
Set & Costume Design: Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Lighting Designer: Will Pennington
Stage Manager: Claire Robinson
Assistant Director: Anna Wallace
Orchestra Director: Audrey Moore
Marketing Director: Aley Weisenberger
Treasurer: Alena Broesder
Fundraising Committee: Brad Den Heijer, Emily Lewis
General Committee: Tom Li, Anthony Hall

Set/Makeup/Hair/Bump In/Backstage:
Amba-Rose Atkinson, Eloise Bentley, Renee Black, Bee Breadmore, Nina Breidahl, Stephanie
Clarke, Tyson Holloway-Clarke, Harriet Craig, Samantha Davidson, Nichol Fyfe, Will Hargreaves, Rose Hewetson, Jackie Kirwan, Rachel Koh, Shu Lin, Rachael McCullough,Ainara Martinez­
Miranda, Gianna Morris, Aiofe Nicklason, Liam Nuttall, Katie Parrott, Ailish Puren, Heny
Purnamasari, Anuja Ratwatte, Amelia Rogers, Namrata Satish, Claudia Weatherall, Olivia