Blasted (2013)

10/09/2013 – 14/09/2013

Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane’s work is complex and extremely exciting to direct, with it’s potential for power struggle, sensitivity and confrontation to evolve. With such intricate characters with so many layers and so many purposeful language moments throughout the script, conveying the beauty and details of Kane’s writing has been both challenging and rewording. As a director, I’ve tried to really uncover the characters and their purposes and to understand how Kane has chosen the play to be read and to be performed. It would be false to just direct her work without looking at the themes of power, human instinct (and of course, human weak­ness) and ultimately love, and I have tried to incorporate that into the performance. It has been a joy working with such a beautiful text that really can transcend more than just it’s confrontational and terrifying content. It is harrowing, intriguing and I hope that the show is able to convey just that.

-Chenez Dyer Bray Directors Note

Chenez Dyer Bray
Kim Ritchie
Ian - Ross Dwyer
Cate - Bonnie Leigh-Dodds
Soldier - Rhys Aconley-Jones
Director: Chenez Dyer Bray
Assistant Director: Emma Conley
Composer: James Cleverley
Producers: Matilda Dixon-Smith & Robert Smith
Production Manager: Christa Jonathan
Stage Manager: Simon Tegart
Assistant Stage Manager: Laura Fox
Set Designer: Kim Ritchie
Costume Designer: Hannah Crone
Lighting Designer: Corey Koeleman