Splendour 3

30/08/2013 – 31/08/2013


Originally created as ‘Splendour in the Guild’ in 2010, UMMTA’s Splendour concerts are a showcase of UMMTA’s performing talent. Splendour is an opportunity for UMMTA members past and present who may not be able to commit to the schedule of a full-scale production to join in the fun. Splendour is a chance to sing some music theatre favourites, and explore shows that UMMTA is unlikely to stage during it’s regular season due to budget or casting expectations.

The theme for 2013 was Broadway Throughout The Ages and the song list was a selection of crowd favourites (and a few hidden gems) from every decade since the 1920s.

Michael Leaver
Music director
Anthony Cardamone & Patrick Paevere
Bianca Bruce
Katie Possingham
Laura de Iongh
Nicola Guzzardi
Ruth Brown
Sarah CalsiƱa
Shannen Sarstedt
Tegan Jones
Anthony Cardamone
Chris Okey
Giancarlo Salamanca
James Worsnop
Jeremy Russo
Matthew Holt
Spencer Hadlow
Tom Kitt-Thompson
Tristan Lawrence
Director - Michael Leaver
Assistant Director & Stage Manager - Richard Gwatkin
Musical Director & Production Manager - Anthony Cardamone
Performance Pianist, Assistant Musical Director & Graphic Design - Patrick Paevere