Attempts on her life (2014)

01/05/2014 – 03/05/2014

Martin Crimp
‘Anne. I know you’re there. Who the fuck was it, she says. End of dialogue. Panorama of the whole valley. She’s definitely a non-smoker. What’s Hecuba to her or she to Hecuba? She’d like to be a machine. The car twists along the Mediterranean road. With a man you’ll never see again. Is this the same little Anne who put all the tiny tiny shoes in rows? I guess it's kinda bittersweet. Anne is offering us a pure dialogue of objects: When she reaches a checkpoint lit by burning tyres she is asked for her name. And the frightening thing is, is that she could be any one of us. She’s the girl next door, she’s the fatal flaw. Well, don’t you consider it accurate? It’s really really important to understand that she is in control Like a book, like a thread, like a… ‘ Certainly not a traditional play, the script takes the form of seventeen scenarios for theatre, each scenario seemingly disconnected from the last. Except that all of the scenes seem to address one woman named Anne (although her name changes slightly to Anny, Anushka, Anya, Annie etc). The play has been described as being a deconstruction/reconstruction of a person or perhaps an attempt to define a person using many varied perspectives. Is Anne a terrorist, a porn star, a mother, a suicide victim, a car? Maybe she's all of the above?
Ben Sheen & Clemence Williams
Brittany Lewis Brendan McDougall Daniel Beratis Felicia King Leili Walker
Crew: Producer - Georgia Marett and Julia Clark Director - Ben Sheen and Clemmie Williams Stage Manager - Natasha King Publicity Designer - Julia Robertson Publicity Manager - Nick Felstead Lighting Designer - Chris Uber Sound Designer - Felicia King Lighting Operator - Megan Redmond Sound Operator - Jeanette Tong Production Assistant - Cassandra Prigg Auslan Consultant - Nupi Jaiswal Greek Language Consultant - Niamh Vlahakis Workshop Group: Alex Cameron Alex Neal Anthea Maclean Harriet Wallace-Mead James Cameron Jenni Rowbottom Jeanette Tong Karl Richmond Maggie Webb Niamh Vlahakis