Hamlet (2014)

08/10/2014 – 18/10/2014

William Shakespeare

The Melbourne University Shakespeare Company is proud to present a striking contemporary adaptation of Hamlet. In this unique reconceptualization of William Shakespeare’s most famous work, ghostly visitations become a digitized glitch, courtly politics are accelerated by skype conferences, and the young princess Hamlet is a troubled university student trapped in a horrifying situation. Featuring a strong ensemble cast, this production invites us to see ourselves in the world of the play and encounter the text anew, revealing the universality and profundity of this central text of world literature.

Felicia King
Hamlet: Rachel Shrives
Ophelia: Seren Oroszvary
Horatio: Declan Mulcahy
Laertes: Andy Roestenburg
Claudius: Nicholas Langford
Gertrude: Emmy Lou
Polonius: Sara Tabitha Catchpole
Rosencrantz: Scout Boxall
Guildenstern: Benjamin Sheen
Principal Player/Fortinbras: Tamuz Ellazam
Player Queen/Captain: Kate Weston
Player King/Marcellus/Gravedigger: Liam Bellman-Sharpe
Player Uncle/Bernardo: Clancy Moore
Director: Felicia King
Stage Manager: Matilda Houlihan
Production Manager: Natasha King
Producer: Emma Conley
AV Designer: Melty Tantiwanich
AV Director: Nick Campbell
Publicity Manager: Gabby Lewis
Lighting Designer: Megan Redmond
Lighting Operator: Sara Kissel
Sound/AV Operator: Jeanette Tong
Props Manager: Christa Jonathan
F.O.H. Manager: Alex Ware
Assistant Stage Manager: Beppe Abiuso