Macbeth (2012)

10/10/2012 – 13/10/2012

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William Shakespeare

On their journey home after fighting in a great battle, Macbeth and his comrade Banquo encounter three Wëird Sisters who predict Macbeth will soon be promoted to the celebrated rank ‘Thane of Cawdor’, and eventually: King. Unsure of the news,
Macbeth writes at once to his loving wife who resolves to do everything it takes to make sure these strange predictions will be realised. Upon Macbeth’s return home, she begins to plan the hasty murder of King Duncan, and encourages Macbeth to be a man and do the deed under her bloody instruction.

The couple continue to kill off those who stand in the way of Macbeth and the throne, their passionate love for each other melding with their passion for power. Banquo, Lady Macduff, her children and King Duncan all find themselves victims of
Macbeth’s bloody machinations. Suspicion begins to fester and fear of who is guilty whispers through the castle, with Macbeth as the prime suspect.

Those who remain unscathed flee and garner support to return and stop Macbeth’s bloody reign and avenge the deaths of those he has murdered in his path to power. Lady Macbeth has been driven mad from guilt at what they have done, and Macbeth must fight alone against Macduff to the death, until his final plea to “Hold, enough”.

Casey Bradley
Macbeth - Wil Ridley
Lady Macbeth - Katherine Gentry
Macduff - Shannon Loughnane
Lady Macduff - Katherine Bransgrove
Banquo - Alex Thom
Ross/The Porter - Isabella Vadiveloo
Duncan/Fleance - Sam Howard
Malcolm - Nicholas Langford
Sergeant - Rohan Byrne
Wëird Sister 1 - Millie Holden
Wëird Sister 2 - Oliver Christie
Wëird Sister 3 - Isabelle Gurney
Child - Tia Vrahos

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