Moby Dick

30/03/2014 – 05/04/2014

Herman Melville

Although Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick in a single feverous winter, this classic continues to divide, baffle, and torment its readers over 150 years later. At its heart is Moby Dick itself – the monstrous, seemingly immortal White Whale – and a maddened sea captain, Ahab, who swears revenge against it at any cost. Yet, as the captain, his crew and his ship journey deeper into the lethal ocean, the whale begins to transform into something far more sinister – a distorted and terrifying reflection of one man’s injured soul.

This stage adaptation intends to rise up to Melville’s Shakespearean ambition, depicting his high tragedy at sea in all its nuance, detail, and redemptive humour. Accompanied by a transformative score of both original and traditional music, the action and industry of a 19th century whaler will be depicted in all its gruesome detail; an appropriate battleground for a merciless contest between masters and servants, industry and nature, Gods and men.

Rohan Byrne
Josiah Lulham as Ahab,
Felicia King as Starback,
Cara Greenham as Stubb
Pia Spreadborough, Karl Richmond, Kate Weston and Beppe Abiuso as the bonny crew
Adapted by Rohan Byrne

Georgia Marett: Production Manager
Matilda Houlihan: Stage Manager