23/09/2015 – 26/09/2015


Queen’s College Music and Drama Society presents Monty Python’s Spamalot, a side-splitting musical rendition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Follow the not-so-wise King Arthur and his less-than-gallant-but-definitely-loyal troop of Knights of the very very very Round Table on their search for the illustrious relic. Between fish schlapping, savage rabbits, singing corpses, and medieval cheerleaders, this musical quite literally has it all (you can’t say ‘Ni’ to that). With more outstanding tunes than Britons with the plague, there will unquestionably be something you’ll want to clap your coconuts along to.
Winning 3 Tony Awards including Best Musical, and nominations for 11 more, this is guaranteed to be a show not to miss!

The crew and cast have been working day and Knight to bring you a hilarious performance that is worth every fake British accent. So jump on a tram, and come cram into Union Theatre to enjoy the fine taste of ham and jam and Spamalot.

TICKETS: $20 Students, $25 Adults

Director - Christian Sullivan
Music director
Musical Director - Trevor Adelson
Choreographer - Rodney Brown
King Arthur - Raja Noureddine
Sir Lancelot - Ryan Ward
Sir Robin - Jack Richardson
Lady of the Lake - Elle Richards
Patsy - Bella Wiemers
Sir Dennis Galahad - Nick Schinckel
Sir Bedevere - Rosie Stoke
Prince Herbert - Brian Hao
The Historian - Emily Cerini
Mrs Galahad - Eleanor Norman
French Taunter - Juanita Kelly-Mundine
Not Dead Fred/Minstrel - Charlotte Pressley
Brother Maynard - David Coates
Head Knight of Ni - Lachlan Ince
Tim the Enchanter - Skye Smurthwaite
The Black Knight - Alex Sheen
King of Swamp Castle - Angus Beattie
Guard 1 - Andrew McDougall
Laker Girl/Mayor of Finland - Molly Hoffman
Laker Girl/Concorde - Erin Nicolson
Laker Girl - Iolande Diamantis
Laker Girl - Maggie Webb
Laker Girl - Maddie Hamilton
Laker Girl - Anna Williams
Ensemble - Soph Dolan
Ensemble - Alexandra Culshaw


Grand Pianist - Frank Zhang
Keyboard 2 - Lexi Wong
Keyboard 3 - Annie Moller
Violin - Carissa Sim
Reed 1 (Sax) - Samuel Smith
Reed 1 (Flute) - Julia O’Shea
Reed 2 - Alisha Maclean
Trumpet 1 - Kate Thompson
Trumpet 2 - Eric Beale
Trombone - Ed Condon
Horn - Toby Profitt
Guitar - James Mountain
Bass - Kathleen McGuire
Drums - Xavier Venville
Percussion - Alan McInnes
Producer - Nick Felstead
Director - Christian Sullivan
Musical Director - Trevor Adelson

Assistant Producer - Meg Smith
Assistant Director - Elsie Shaw
Assistant Musical Director - James Mountain
Production Manager - Alexandre Guerin
Stage Manager - Sian Morrison
Assistant Stage Manager - Ellie Hamill
Choreographer - Rodney Brown
Grand Pianist - Frank Zhang
Publicity Designer - Tanya Banagala
Lighting Designer - Jessica Herne
Sound Designer - Nick Chu
Audio Visual Designer - Jonathan Grigg
Props Master - Jocelyn O’Malley
Head of Set Design - Maya Le Bransky
Heads of Set Construction - Jack West and Ed Condon
Heads of Costume - Seren Robinson and Jackie Lewis-Gray
Head of Hair and Makeup - Sabrina Day
Head of Publicity - Ellen Donald
Front of House Manager - Jonathon Cronin