UMMTA Explorations

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Crazy, irreverent and thought-provoking, UMMTA Explorations is a series of new works written entirely by students and UMMTA members! Presented as part of Mudfest 2015.

– UMMTA Explorations One –

‘Anna Next Door’ is a 25-minute musical theatre piece portraying the lives and events affecting four people in a close-knit suburban environment. The play deals with family life, sexuality, lust, romanticism and mental and emotional scarring (causing psychopathic behaviour). Written by Matthew Zambon.

‘Lay Down Sally: An Oarsome New Musical Robbin’ Hearts Around the World’ is a satirical Australian musical theatre piece which follows the life of Sally Robbins after her infamous ‘Lay Down’ incident in the women’s rowing final at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Written by Taylen Furness, Spencer Hadlow and Andrew White.

– UMMTA Explorations Two-

‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a reframing of Lewis Carroll’s classic story, updating it to a modern context. The piece uses the surreal and fantastical world that Alice enters through the looking glass as a means of helping her solve a personal crisis she is experiencing.
Written by Daniel Czech.

‘HairyTale’ is a contemporary take on the classic fairy tale that explores questions of gender, sexuality and identity. Although the work features the well-known Princess in a tower, the charming Prince and his trusty steed, and the wicked Witch, each of these tropes are systematically deconstructed and reassembled in a new light as the characters strive for acceptance not only by others but also by themselves. If you fight for your right to be satisfied with yourself, then the world will accept you, too.
Book and lyrics by Anastasia Sidorova. Music by Owen James. Directed by Ruben Allender Clark.

VENUE: Union Theatre, Union House, University of Melbourne.
DATES: 22nd – 25th August

Explorations One (‘Anna Next Door’ & ‘Lay Down Sally’)
SAT 22nd – 2.30pm* & 7.30pm
SUN 23rd – 5pm
MON 24th – 7pm

Explorations Two (‘Through the Looking Glass’ & ‘HairyTale’)
SAT 22nd – 5pm*
SUN 23rd – 2pm & 7pm
TUES 25th – 7pm

$15 Full/$10 Concession
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Please note: These performances are not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

*Relaxed Performances: Please note that the performances at 2:30pm and 5pm on Saturday 22nd August will be relaxed performances. During these performances, the conditions of the theatre will be altered slightly to create a more relaxed performance atmosphere for audience members who may have a learning disability or be unfamiliar with a theatre environment. The house lights will be dimmed in case people need to move about the auditorium. Audience members will be welcome to enter and exit the theatre if they need to and may also talk quietly during these performances. Each relaxed performance will be followed by a short audience Q and A with the cast and writers.




Producer – Chris Dempsey
Production Manager – Lizzie Howells
Production Designer – Lucy Payne
Publicity Designer – Keshia Contini

'Anna Next Door'
Writer – Matthew Zambon

'Lay Down Sally'
Writers – Taylen Furness, Spencer Hadlow and Andrew White
Stage Manager – Sarah Whitaker

'Through the Looking Glass'
Writer – Daniel Czech
Stage Manager – Jordan Peters

Writer – Anastasia Sidorova
Composer – Owen James
Director – Ruben Allender Clark
Assistant Director – Nathan Storen
Stage Manager – Nhan Viet Bui
Rehearsal Accompanist – Sarah Webster