Veronica’s Room

08/10/2015 – 10/10/2015


Adapted from the first act of the Classic Broadway mystery and suspense trilogy; <Veronica’s Room>

<登堂入室> is adapted and translated from the Classic Broadway mystery play <Veronica’s Room> written by America’s famous mystery screenwriter Ira Levin. This play is the opening act of the Classic Broadway mystery and suspense trilogy series.

Audiences will wander between illusion and reality with the protagonist, ending up in a murder conspiracy, and lose themselves with the protagonist.

Of course, in order to eliminate the awkward feeling that everyone loves and hates of an adapted and translated play, we will begin our artistic creation of the play from translating the script.

The translation group consists of…: the Director of the play, experienced script translators, NATTI certified translator and well-known subtitles group member from China.

They will work together to complete the translation work. This allows the audiences to immerse into the play much better, while ensuring the originality of the story.