08/10/2015 – 09/10/2015


Presented at the Clocktower Theatre.

As time passes, we experience many things that add to our memories and to our identities. Through the tough times, we seek inspiration. Through the joyous times, we seek companionship. Often, we compare our lives to that of others and make changes in the way we do things, hoping for positive changes and a better future.

We are often given the advice “Be yourself, be free, be creative, be challenged” in order to be the best that we can be.

But who are we?

For some of us, dance has helped us explore these struggles. Dance has become a platform for us to discover how far hard work can take us and who we are not only as dancers, but also as people. Step by step, we discover what we identify with, and how to physically express ourselves and our emotions. The dancers we are today have been moulded by our passion, experiences, and aspirations. This journey does not stop here – we will continue to grow, become stronger, and discover our true potential, as dancers and as people.

We will be…