Nanjing Beijing

17/09/2015 – 19/09/2015


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Melbourne University Chinese Music Group (CMG), together with the writer of CMG’s 2013 production ‘The Butterfly Lovers’, this year we will present a perfect combination of music, dance and theatre that challenges the traditional interpretation of love in Chinese musicals. ‘Nanjing, Beijing’ will make its debut in Melbourne in September 2015.

墨尔本大学中华音乐社CMG成立20周年巨献原创音乐剧,「音乐剧·梁祝」(2013 CMG)作者再次携手中华音乐社,一同颠覆既有的华人舞台剧对爱情的传统诠释,用音乐、舞蹈和戏剧的完美结合,在9月中旬于墨尔本震撼上演。

‘Our love is no different from yours’

I’m a man. A man who is supposed to live up to his family’s expectations. But instead, I fell in love with another man.

That’s right. I’m gay.

In a conservative society like mine, I can only keep this a secret. Feeling the pressure on all sides, the fear and resistance in other people is only too familiar to me. I’m afraid of their piercing voices, afraid of their identical stares. I have no way out, so in the end I followed the crowd and married a girl. So now I’ve lied to her, and I’ve let him down

Thursday Sep 17th 7pm
Friday Sep 18th 7pm
Matinee Saturday Sep 19th 2pm
Saturday Sep 19th 7pm

Venue: Union Theatre, ground floor, Union House