The Physicists

05/05/2016 – 07/05/2016

The drama of Year 2016 is adapted from ‘The Physicists’, which is written by the Swiss well-known writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The physicists Three young female nurses were killed successively in a famous sanatorium. The perpetrators are the physicists Newton, Einstein and Möbius, who have been living there for years. One of their symptoms is that they believe they are great historical figures, although they are already well-known world-widely by themselves. Because of the metal ills, they do not need to account for their behaviors. However, the quiet sanatorium is not a paradise, the truth is never simple!!
Shan Huang
Cast: Newton-Yuan Lu Einstein-Chang his Mobius-Zidong Xie Dr. Matilda- Guo wenjing Nurse Marta-Siming Pang Nurse Monika-Yifan Zhang