Megaphone Democracy

12/05/2016 – 21/05/2016


How do you show you care?

Megaphone Democracy is a theatrical exploration of action, apathy, cynicism and ‘clicktivism’.

Through extensive interviews with individuals and organisations, at protests and online from all walks of life, across the generations, across the political spectrum, and across the world we ask the question ‘How do you show you care?’

Megaphone Democracy brings together ideas of Activism and small gestures that impact the world we live in.

Audience Instructions:
Clothing: The performance will take place in several outdoor locations. Please wear weather appropriate clothing and walking shoes. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, ticket holders will be notified.
Please bring headphones or earbuds if you have them.
Latecomers: Please note that audience members arriving after 7:15pm will be unable to join the show.


Olivia Allen
Amir Aizenstros
Natalie Bender
Maeva Bennetto
Tahnee Fox
Julia Frecker
Emilia Goehler
Apoorva Kapoor
Nicholas Kirkby
Finbar Piper
Ng Sze Min
Director – Olivia Allen
Lighting Designer – Jenny Hector
Sound Designer – Marco Cher-Gibard
Stage Manager – Harriet Gregory
Production Manager – Gus Macdonald
Head Technician – Clynton Jones
Set Realisation – Jim Stenson
Assistant Stage Manager – Nicole Bennett & Claudia Oke
Lighting Operator – Bonnie Jo Belford
Marketing and Publicity – Erin Adams
Graphic Design – Daga Mikolaj