Assassins (2016)

03/08/2016 – 06/08/2016

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Stephen Sondheim

A multiple Tony Award-winning musical, Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’ invites to the stage the eight infamous individuals who have attempted to assassinate presidents of the United States of America. Using the premise of a murderous carnival game, the motives of these violent men and women are dissected in a way that is both entertaining and disturbing. Ultimately ‘Assassins’ uncovers the nightmarish underside of the ‘American Dream’ and provides a timely critique of the malignant sense of entitlement that leads to violence.

Dylan Harris
Nat Carter Proprietor
Bill Diep Balladeer
Georgie Pender Booth
Kareem El-Ansary Czolgosz
Owen Lane Zangara
Sam Ireland Hinckley
Tabitha Lee Squeaky
Georgie Winchester Moore
Ben Symon Oswald/Ensemble
Emma Hill Guiteau
Lauren Bennett Byck
Keir Hamilton Ensemble
Bella Nicholson Ensemble
Kelly Lillas Goldman/Ensemble
Megan Carney - Assistant Producer
Dylan Harris - Director
Sophia Benjamin Assistant Director
Louis Stevens Music Director
Anna Durham Assistant Music Director
Anna Ritchie Set Designer
Drew Culhane Costume Designer
Tash Kennedy Reed Hair and Makeup Designer
David Barrell Technical Advisor
Nathan Kramer Lighting Designer
Alex Mitchell Publicity
Molly Hunt AV Designer
Tamara Whiteside Stage Manager
Allegra Fenton-Menzies Assistant Stage Manager
Ben Hoopell Set Construction Manager
Liam Ford Sound Technician