17/05/2017 – 27/05/2017

After William Shakespeare
REVERSE THY DOOM lɘar is an original semi-devised and performative theatrical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tragedy of King Lear. This adaptation is performed backwards (starting with the final scene and running back to the beginning) to draw out issues of the current political climate and delves into discussions of how human folly, particularly greed, narcissism, and a lack of empathy, lead to tragic results for innocents and perpetrators alike. As such, each tragic event will be followed by the decisions and actions that led to it.
Adelaide Greig
LEAR - Len Duniec CORDELIA - Sian Lewis GONERIL - Ella du Ve REGAN - Georgie Pender KENT - Kassandra Tilley GLOUCESTER - Madeleine Kerr EDMUND - Alexander Scott EDGAR - Lexie Turnbull ALBANY - Jonas Crowder CORNWALL - Jakub Duniec OSWALD - Rupert Bevan CAPTAIN #1, FIRST SERVANT, MESSENGER #1 - Amy Gamage GENTLEMAN #1, CAPTAIN #2, THIRD SERVANT - Tansy Pereira HERALD #1, DOCTOR #1, SECOND SERVANT - Achiraya Layton Umpornpun GENTLEMAN #2, KING OF FRANCE - Nathan Higgins
DIRECTOR - Adelaide Greig PRODUCERS - Eunice Chuang and Reis Low PRODUCTION MANAGER - Jack Murray STAGE MANAGER - Joshua Trappett ASSISTANT DIRECTORS - Maddi Cullen and Amy Spurgeon DRAMATURG - Amy Spurgeon ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGERS- Christina Panitsidis and Sara Kissel ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGERS - Laura Barnes and Laetitia Djaja LIGHTING DESIGNER and OPERATOR - Holi Walsh SOUND DESIGNER and OPERATOR - Rebi Houlihan AV DESIGN and OPERATOR - Laura Barnes SET DESIGNER - Satyaprem Saraswati COSTUME, HAIR and MAKEUP DESIGNER - Maddy Nibali PUBLICITY MANAGER- Rachel Shrives ASSISTANT PUBLICITY MANAGER – Lucy Holz EQUITY OFFICER - Rachel Shrives