Love and Information

10/05/2017 – 13/05/2017

Produced by


Caryl Churchill
Love and Information, one of the prolific Caryl Churchill's more recent masterpieces, explores human interaction and the effects technological advancement has had on our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Comprised of more than fifty standalone vignettes of modern life, the play departs from traditional theatrical conventions of storytelling to examine the constant evolution of human connection in the Information Age from a modern, highly stylised perspective.
Alice Wheaton
Music director
Hamish Francis
Hamish Litt Patrick Brunett Andrew Udovenya Ricky Liu Esther Cowen Julia Frew Mika Ogai Pauline Mornet Sibo Madzima Steph Makerink Kaavya Jha
Director: Alice Wheaton Producer: Bella Wiemers Stage Manager: Jessica Herne Production Manager: Karen Ong Artistic Director: Bridget Lea Asst. Director: Alice O'Shea Asst. Producer: Nick Chu Asst. Stage Manager: Vanessa Tang Marketing: Elizabeth Maidment & Angel Nie Costume Manager: Maddie Mills AV Designer: Alice Bouchard Lighting Designer: Jonathon Evans Composer: Hamish Francis Front of House Manager: Joanna Peterschmitt Set Design Team: Gina McIntosh, Christian Wong, Dani Mwipatayi, Pinn Karnhanachari Equity: Liam Finlay