Romeo is Not the Only Fruit

Jean Tong and Margaret Tanjutco
Romeo is Not the Only Fruit marks DisColourNation‘s debut original full-length pilot theatrical extravaganza. Join us on a romp through familiar tropes made new as our Chorus tries to keep the number of dead lesbians we know down, Juliet makes bad choices, and Darcy finds her way into someone else’s narrative.
Margaret Tanjutco
Music director
Sasha Chong
Adrian Cajili
CHORUS 1 Pallavi Waghmode CHORUS 2 Kitty Edwards CHORUS 3 Sasha Chong JULIET Margaret Tanjutco DARCY Creatrix Tiara G-MA/ENSEMBLE Eunice Chuang BOY/DRUMMER Ty Pillai PIANIST James Boon GUITARIST Clynton Royle
Co-Director/Co-Writer Margaret Tanjutco Music Director/Access Officer Sasha Chong Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Director/Production Manager Jeanette Tong Assistant Production Manager Pallavi Waghmode Stage Manager Stephanie Kee Assistant Stage Manager Yoyo Wong Lighting Designer/Harpist Kareena Dhaliwal Lyricist/SFX Designer Chris Ai Production Design Adrian Cajili Publicity Managers Margaret & Chris Ai FOH and Bar Manager Gene Lim Lighting Operator Ru Bee Chung