Cry Baby

10/08/2017 – 12/08/2017

Book by Mark O’Donnell & Thomas Meehan Songs by David Javerbaum & Adam Schlesinger
The Whitley Annual Residential Theatre Society is proud to present our final production: CRY-BABY Set in the 1950s, Cry-Baby focuses on Allison Vernon-Williams, the most beautiful Square girl in all of Baltimore and her love for the gang leader of the Drapes – Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Walker. Witty and eccentric, the audience will follow Allison and her struggle between the good-natured, conservative, Squares and the delinquent, rowdy Drapes. From the country club, to prison, Cry-Baby will be a wild ride of laughter, frights, and emotion.
Helen He
Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Walker – Ben Goss Allison Vernon-Williams – Sherry Watson Mrs. Vernon-Williams – Bronte Gosper Baldwin Blandish – James Lugton Lenora Frigid – Lydia Bell Pepper Walker – Belinda Weiss Wanda Woodward: Tombi Lloyd Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski – Rose-Monet Wilson Scott Dupree W. Dupree – Billy Stafford The Whiffles – Andrew Moshova, Danny Cheng, Ethan Savage Ensemble/Chorus: Emily Seif, Yufan Eng, Hasan Arshad, Ethan Taylor, Jerry Liu, Rylee Olsson, James Reiser
Director – Helen He Producer – Merryn Allen Production Manager – Jono Wedgwood Stage Manager – Sidney Millar Musical Director – Andrew Hey Assistant Director – Lydia Bell Assistance Musical Director – Emma Collard Treasurer - Riley Childs Choreographers: Katrina Bell, Merryn Allen Publicity – Emma Collins, Ethan Savage Graphic Designer - Leonie Leonida Backstage – Elly Blakeley, Ashtyn Purcell, Anushka Shah, Lucy Wu Set/Props – Leonie Leonida, Sam Moerkerk Costume – Caitlin Riddell, Alice Rowe Lighting/Sound – Reis Low, Jono Wedgwood, Sidney Millar Hair and Makeup – Rose-Monet Wilson Scott, Jo Yi Jung Cho, Julia Gabrielson, Joanna Mao