Fame: The Musical (2017)

31/08/2017 – 02/09/2017

No program uploaded yet, let us know if you have a copy!
Fame is the story of a group of vibrant young teenagers attending New York’s top performing arts school and hoping to make it big. Fame is a wonderful show for the whole family about individuality and expression through a love of theatre. St Mary’s has an amazingly talented cast this year and lots of effort has been going into rehearsing for this fabulous performance!
India Murphy and Matilda Gibbs
Music director
Kirsty Field
CARMEN DIAZ played by Amelia Vuillermin GOODMAN (GOODY) KING played by Dinan McMahon GRACE (Lambchops) LAMB played by Amy Harwood IRIS KELLY played by Alex Orr JOE VEGAS played by Andrew Gourley MABEL WASHINGTON played by Abbey Zito MISS BELL played by Grace Aicken MISS SHERMAN played by Sofia Laursen Habel MR. MYERS played by Thom Leadbetter MR. SHEINKOPF played by Ulysse Thivisol NICK PIAZZA played by Will Howard SCHLOMO METZENBAUM played by Rupert McPharlin SERENA KATZ played by Ruby Drummond TYRONE JACKSON played by Jack Shaddock