Fine Arts of the Caribbean

17/08/2017 – 18/08/2017

Produced by the VCA revue Board, the Ex-presidents Society How many Fine Arts students does it take to change a lightbulb? Just kidding! We don’t change lightbulbs! We don’t do anything! We are Fine Arts students! For more of the same side-splitting humour (slash harrowing truth about our future careers), come along to the inaugural VCA REVUE for a night of bad singing, cheap jokes, and awkward silences. We have worked very hard and are very shy. So we’re putting on a show!
Ian Ferrington
Music director
Imogen Cygler
Alex Donnelly Andy Jack Song Aquilla Sorensen Brooke Rayner Chris King Edward McCullough Eleanor Kirk Ian Ferrington Karl Richmond Lachie Clarke Lauren Hunter Nic Davey Greene Phoebe Heath
Produced by Eleanor Kirk MUSIC Imogen Cygler (piano) Alexandra C. Roper (drums) Noah Hutchinson (bass) WRITERS Alex Donnelly Andy Jack Song Eleanor Kirk Ian Ferrington Lachie Clarke Millie Holten Nic Davey Greene Phoebe Heath Samuel Pratt-White Sebastian Klarica CREW Alec Steedman Lauren Hunter Louis Stockfeld Michael Norris Nicholas Lam Samuel Pratt-White Sarah Fitzgerald Sebastian Klarica Sophie Gibson