Geese Lightning

17/08/2017 – 19/08/2017

Produced by


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It's time to get excited! Medleys is BACK for 2017 with our best show yet! There will be singing, dancing, punning and maybe some B grade nudity! Someone will probably get shitfaced! (Probably one of us.) You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll think "I'm going to hell for this but I don't even care!" So ditch your books and come on down for a night of sketch comedy, musical and boundless fun - It's automatic. It's systematic. It's goose-omatic. WHY, IT'S GEESE LIGHTNING!
​Brit Green
Music director
Jesse Hunter
Melanie Engel
Aleksandra Djordjevic Alex Nathan Andrew Coote Anton Jermakoff Bassel Mourad Brit Green Dan Hanna Edward Liu Ellie Phillips Elliott Cope Emma Dodgson Emma Hoffmann Georgia Laidlaw Justin Lee Karen Tan Lisa Huang Madeleine Spicer Manon Audige Mary Teo Melanie Engel Michael Wu Mitch Pryce Sarah Marshall Suresh Haikerwal Shubhum Joshi Sophie Avramoudas Jesse Hunter Casey Fung Victoria Huang James Caddle Brett Larner Jackson Ji Ben Pearce Michael Phung Aidan Martinelli Amanda Ji Shirley Chen Melanie Johnston David Yap Krishnan Ravindran
Shane Zaw Isabelle Wong Amanda Chong-Halliday Janelle San Juan