Legally Blonde (2017)

20/09/2017 – 23/09/2017

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Heather Hach, Laurence O'Keefe, Nell Benjamin

Queen’s College Music and Drama Society presents Legally Blonde The Musical, a fresh, fun and fabulous rendition of the hit broadway show that scored itself 7 Tony Award Nominations and a stunned cult following. Get to know perky, blonde college student, Elle Woods, as she receives a something she didn’t see coming – her boyfriend dumping her for someone more “serious”. To prove her worth, Elle follows him to Harvard Law School, surprising everyone in a twist of actions confirming she’s capable of much more than anyone thought…

With explosive on stage action, ridiculously catch tunes and heart-warming characters, Legally Blonde is like so totally not one to miss! So prepare yourselves for the pink and the sparkles, this musical is the place to be.

Alexandre Guérin
Music director
James Mountain
Kate Douglas
Georgia Hosking
Elle Woods - Anna Wiliams
Emmett Forrest - Noah Heys
Paulette Buonafonte - Ellie Hamill
Warner Huntington III - Nick Schinckel
Vivienne Kensington - Bella Wiemers
Professor Callahan - Julian Soderbaum
Brooke Wyndham - Monica Ledger
Margot - Su Lew
Serena - Steph Markerink
Pilar - Maddie Ossovani
Enid Hoopes - Jess Herne
Aaron Schultz - Matthew Nagel
Sandeep Padamadan - Iskandar Smurthwaite
Kate - Dani Mwipatayi
Gaelen - Kira Middleton
Lelani- Natalie Keenan
Girl - Frederica Romijn
Kyle - Fraser Ross
Elle’s Mum - Juanita Kelly-Mundine
Elle’s Dad - Alan McInnes
Nikos - Alex Faehrmann
Carlos/Harvard Student - Matt Castle
Chutney Wyndham/Saleswoman - Rachel Ettridge
Store Manager/Judge - Zoe Marshall
Grandmaster Chad/TV Reporter - Louis Edwards
Winthrop/Dewey - Cameron Everett
Lowell/Prison Guard - Sam Williams
Pforzheimer - Nick Chu
Whitney - Soph Dolan

Timothy Breadmore
Miles Brennan
Holly Chamberlain
Katie Grainger
Will Horsfall
Hannah Mitchell
Mackenzie Murphy
Fraser Ross
Lauren Thompson
Max Wilson

Conductor - James Mountain
Keyboard 1 - Ben Anderson
Keyboard 2 - David Coates
Trumpet 1 - Kate Thompson
Trumpet 2 - Jocelyn O’Malley
Trombone - Alistair Goggs
Saxophone - Mia MacMahon
Clarinet - Louis Zhang
Flute 1 - Julia O’Shea
Flute 2 - Kirrily Swatton
Violin - Niamh O’Reilly
Bass - Tris Vine
Drum Kit - Hamish Francis
Director - Alexandre Guérin
Producer - Alex Mitchell
Musical Director - James Mountain
Assistant Director - Lucy Fenwick Elliott
Assistant Producer - Milly Good
Assistant Musical Director - Hamish Francis
Production Manager - Kate Thompson
Stage Manager - Lexi Wong
Assistant Stage Manager - Stella Ulm
Choreographer - Kate Douglas
Head of Publicity - Kate Barry
Head of Sponsorship - Kelsey Hughes
Publicity Designer - Cordelia Egerton-Warburton
Lighting Designer - Sean Smith
Sound Designer - Elizabeth Stoel
Set Design - Georgia Hosking
Set Construction - Emma Fitt
Head of Costumes - Miranda Smith
Head of Hair and Makeup - Louise Villar
Front of House Manager - Abbey Vlahov