Tri- Hard

27/09/2017 – 30/09/2017

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Ben Volchok, Jack McGorlick, Josh Cake

What’s better than a never-before seen original comedy play? THREE never-before seen original comedy plays! Join the Melbourne University Comedy Revue Board (Mudcrabs) as they present three one-act plays featuring the best comedy writing Unimelb has to offer.

Four nights only. Join us for an Opening Night Gala with free sushi after the Wednesday 27th performance!

‘The Greatest Yarn Factory in Gundagai’
Written by Ben Volchok
Directed by Sandy Whittem
The small Australian town of Gundagai is home to two rival yarn factories. One worker goes between both in a farcical romp that quickly spindles out of control!

‘Clear Skies’
Written by Jack McGorlick & Ben Volchok
Directed by Jack McGorlick
A Cult Leader convinces his gullible followers that aliens are going to land and grant them eternal life. However, when aliens do land, things get complicated.

‘Break Time’
Written by Josh Cake & Ben Volchok
Directed by Sandy Whittem
Two Buzzfeed-style journalists compete to write the most listicles in two days, while also seeing who can drive the other to breaking point first, both of which escalate dangerously.

Sandy Whittem, Jack McGorlick