Filthy Rick

05/10/2017 – 14/10/2017

Devised after William Shakespeare

MUSC’s Filthy Rick is a devised, collaborative, chaotic bastard of an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard iii. Filthy Rick takes the idea that Richard iii is filled to the brim with really bad people who persevere to the end in their relentlessly self-serving grasp for power and love and sex and fame. The earth, in revulsion of the humans, goes into revolt.

Rachel Shrives
Rick: Georgie Pender
Queen Elizabeth: Alice Wheaton
Lady Anne: James Lowther
Buckingham: Evangeline Stoios
Clarence: Layton Achiraya Umpornpun
King Edward: Eden Gonfond
Prince Edward: Luke Macaronas
Hastings: Vateresio Tuikaba
Catesby: Alessandra Kerr
Stanley: Harman Hundel
Assistant Director: Declan Mulcahy
2nd Assistant Director: Sunday Sommerfeld
Dramaturg: Amy Spurgeon
Stage Manager: Reis Low
Assistant Stage Managers: Eunice Chuang and Matilda Wraight
Producer/Production Manager: Adelaide Greig
Production Assisstants: Lara Navarro, Hannah Winspear-Schillings and Sophia Harrison
Lighting: Brendan McDougall
Sound: Leo Palmer
Publicity: Dylan Harris
Social Media Manager/Publicity Assisstant: Maddi Cullen
Equity Officer: Freya McGrath
Access Officers: Siân Lewis and Madeleine Kerr
Costume: Cheyenne Lucita
Set: Leonie Leonida
Front of House: Ashyr Mason-Kaine
Friend of the show: Karla Livingston-Pardy