The Sitzprobe



You are about to witness the premiere performance of 8
original musicals. Each show has been given a short window in
which they will give you a taste of what their show is and
what it one day could become. This process has been a sheer
delight and we are so glad to have been able to bring these
works to the public. All of our creatives and their casts
have been working tirelessly to bring you what you see
tonight, please show them all the love and appreciation they
deserve as they share with you these amazing shows. We are so
thankful that they have let us in on what they’ve been
working on, and they have been kind enough to let you in too.
We are indebted to so many people who have helped us along
the way. Will Hannagan gave our creatives an amazing
mentorship opportunity and the insights and advice he offered
was invaluable. James McKinnon deserves all the praise and
admiration that goes his way; his tireless work as stage
manager and technical director has made this whole process
run so smoothly. When the going was rough and the job list
soared, we had some amazing orchestrators who stepped in to
pick up the slack and for that we would love to thank David
Barrell, Max McConnell, and Lachie Bagnara for their work.
Finally, massive congratulations are due to Mel O’Brien who
has poured everything into this project – she has been the
heartbeat of this show and her work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Mel O’Brien (Producer)
Music director
David Barrell, James Mountain and Rachel Lewindon
Beau – Noah Janssen
Sam – Monique Clancy
Stacy – Claire Warrillow
Mum – Karis Oka
Dad – Alex Hatzikostas
Timmy – Dylan McBurney
Teddie – Lachie Blair
Jean – Ilana Charnelle
Dolores – Mama Alto
George – Daniel Czech
Sid – Matt Healy
Ella – Sia Bairaktaris
Narrator – Willow Sizer
Caitlyn – Allie Bizzanelli
Tom – Jake Gardner
Grace – Kala Gare
Ben – Jack Wunsch
Sabrina – Jess D’Souza
Aaron – Thomas McGuane
Ian – Marty Alix
Ruby - Ruby Cesan
Charlotte - Caity Plummer
Marc - James Christensen
Penny - Georgie Pender
Jean - Alma Zygier
Irene – Bella Noonan
Edith - Rafaela Cleeve Gerkens
Stacey – Michaelia Liu
Hayden – James Lowther
Dante – Jacob Lingard
Quinn – Andre Sasalu
Gabrielle – Claire Warrillow
Voices/Stacey’s Mum – Eloise Bagnara
Abby – Eadie Testro-Girasole
Evan – Jye Cannon
Doubt – Ellen Stephanie
Insecurity – Shevaun Pope
Producer- Mel O’Brien
Stage Manager/
Technical Director-
James McKinnon
David Barrell
James Mountain
Rachel Lewindon
Publicity Manager Michaelia Liu
Assistant Producer/
Lighting Operator
Natalie Montalto
Assistant Producer/
Sound Operator
Lachie Bagnara
Graphic Designers Nellie Seale
Katia Pellicciotta
Orchestrations David Barrell
George Parker
Imogen Cygler
James Mountain
Jasen Scott
Lachie Bagnara
Lachlan Boldt
Max McConnell
Nicholas Gray
Rachel Lewindon