13/10/2017 – 21/10/2017

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Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe

Based on the 1989 cult film, HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL combines a punchy rock–musical score with an unflinching exploration of teen angst in a new and deliciously dark comedy. Westerberg High is ruled by a shoulder–padded, scrunchie–wearing clique: Heather, Heather and Heather – the hottest and cruelest girls in all of Ohio. But when misfit Veronica Sawyer meets the troubled and sexy stranger J.D., the two hatch a twisted plan to put the Heathers in their place – six feet under.

Kate Weston
Music director
Selena Nicastri
Bronya Doyle & Joel Anderson
Milla Gentil
Veronica Sawyer: Ahila Navaratnam
Jason “JD” Dean: Harry Gore
Heather Chandler: Bridie Pamment
Heather McNamara: Claire Warrillow
Heather Duke: Laura de Iongh
Martha Dunstock: Tabitha Lee
Ram Sweeney: Jacob Kuek
Kurt Kelly: Sweeney Preston
Pauline Fleming/Veronica’s Mom: Grace Haslinghouse
Ram’s Dad/Principal Gowan/Veronica’s Dad: Daniel Czech
Big Bud Dean/Kurt’s Dad/Coach Ripper: Rory Preece
Beleaguered Geek: Harry Tibballs
Preppy Stud: Spencer Hines
Hipster Dork: Will McDonald
New Wave Girl: Mel O'Brien
Stoner Chick: Oriel Forsyth
Young Republicanette: Greta Wilkinson

Featured Dancers:
Eloise Bagnara
Holly Bromley
Matilda Gibbs
Alice Philip
Olivia Sweeney

Nabilla Adnan
Lachlan Boldt
Cindy Jiang
Benjamin Lea
Florence McKay
Daniel Nieborski
Flynn Smeaton
Kassandra Tilley
Syrah Torii

Bass: Andrew Church
Guitar: Anson MacDonald
Keys: Matthew White
Percussion: Jayden Galbraith
Reeds: David Barrell
Trumpet: Mitchell Brusamarello
Violin: Charlotte Crowley
Director: Kate Weston
Assistant Directors: Maya Britbart & Bradley Dylan

Music Director: Selena Nicastri
Assistant Music Director: David Barrell
Repetiteur: Matthew White
Choreographers: Bronya Doyle & Joel Anderson
Fight Choreographer: Kate Weston

Production Managers: Karen Ong & Nellie Seale
Stage Manager: Elyse Carmichael
Assistant Stage Managers: Hannah Winspear-Schillings & Leni Law-Davies

Costumer Designer: Moni Langford
Assistant Costume Designer: Cat Creighton
Makeup Designer: Laura de Iongh
Set Designer: Milla Gentil
Set Construction Manager: David Barrell
Sound Designer: Morgan Beck
Assistant Sound Designer: Emily Oatley
Lighting Designer: Nathan Kramer
Assistant Lighting Designer: Alex McFadden

Publicity Manager: Michaelia Liu
Assistant Publicity Manager: Xu Zhang
FOH Manager: Jessica Nelson
Equity Officer: Sian Morrison