Into the Woods (2018)

17/04/2018 – 19/04/2018

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Lyrics and Music: Stephen Sondheim, Book: James Lapine

“A young maiden, a sad young lad, a hungry little girl, a childless baker and his wife venture Into the Woods to seek their wishes. They collide with giants, wolves, witches and princes, facing the consequences of getting a ‘Happily Ever After’. Stephen Sondheim’s music and James Lapine’s book weave together many classic fairy-tales, maintaining their darker nuances. An Tony Award-winning musical, Into the Woods is a fantastical journey mingled with a reality that seems all too familiar.”

Dialog Review:

Into the Woods: After the Happily Ever After


Alexandra Runge
Music director
Matthew Castle
Emily Bolton
Olivia Holloway
Baker - Nicholas Collins
Baker's Wife – Steph Markerink
Witch – Jo Dalstead
Cinderella – Milly Day-Collett
Jack – Peter Lejins
Little Red Riding Hood – Kaiyah Chadwick

Narrator – Nina Lo
Mysterious Man – Andrew Waddell
Cinderella's Prince – Julian Soderbaum
Rapunzel’s Prince – Owen Lane
Wolf – Eamon Dooley
Rapunzel / Cinderella’s Mother – Sarah Parkin
Jack's Mother – Penelope D’Urso

Cinderella’s Stepmother – Oriel Forsyth
Florinda – Domi Souter
Lucinda – Charlotte Davies
Steward – Ricky Liu
Cinderella's Father – Martin Middelmann
Granny – Grace Mallinson
Giant’s Wife – Katie Treasure
Milky White – Claudia Young
Ensemble – Mia Watt and Kate Enright

Reed 1 (Flute): Anna Wilson
Reed 2 (Clarinet): Izzy Abell
Reed 3 (Bassoon): David Barrell

Horn 1: Daniel Harness
Horn 2: Toby Profitt
Trumpet: Sam Fitzgerald

Keyboard 1: Bennett Anderson
Keyboard 2: Sophie Haselgrove
Keyboard 3: Melody Yang
Percussion: Hamish Francis

Violin 1: Niamh O'Reilly
Violin 2: Calvin Leung
Viola: Jessica Walsh
Cello: Kayvan Gharbi
Director: Alexandra Runge
Music Director: Matthew Castle
Head of Publicity & Sponsorship: Lizzie Maidment
Producer: Ryan Bentley
Production Manager: James McKinnon

Stage Manager: Tash Redhill
Assistant Stage Manager: Izzy Lyndon-James
Production Assistant / Equity Officer: Lucy Fenwick Elliott
Assistant Director: Rhoanna Furneaux
Assistant Musical Director: Bennett Anderson

Choreographer: Emily Bolton
Costume Design: Ginny Droppert
Set Design: Olivia Holloway
Lighting Design: Johnathon Lejins and Jonothan Evans
Sound Design: Victoria Hofflin and Nathan Batham
Properties: Matilda Wraight and Marina Young
Publicity and Sponsorship Team: Ella Sun and Pip Dolman
Graphic Design: Eamon Dooley