things we should talk about (2018)

24/05/2018 – 26/05/2018


There are things we should talk about. Like, really talk about.
Part dance-theatre, part social commentary, part attempt to squeeze 15 bodies onto one very small stage. THINGS WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT is a new devised work that asks why is it so difficult to talk about things that really matter and what gets in our way?

Interview with The Dialog:

Talking about Things We Should Talk About with Harriet Wallace-Mead and Mavin R Karunanidhy

Dialog Review:

Things We Should Talk About: A Conventional Review of an Unconventional Play

Xanthe Beesley
Music director
Nat Grant
Michelle Heaven
Bronya Doyle
Ella Du VĂ©
Ben Goldberg
Zoe Gurr
Mavin R Karunanidhy
Reis Low
Tiah Mepani
Freya McGrath
Florence McKay
Agatha Moar
Rebecca Poynton
Fadi Rifai
Mahinder Shrivas
Rachel Shrives
Charlie Qi Zhang
Director: Xanthe Beesley
Choreographer/Collaborator: Michelle Heaven
Assistant Director: Harriet Wallace-Mead
Lighting Designer: Lisa Mibus
Sound Designer: Nat Grant
Costume Designer: Nathan Burmeister
Production Manager: Khat Kerr
Stage Manager: Michele Forbes
Head Technician: Clynton Jones
Stage Carpenter: Allen Laverty
AV Realisation: Tom Backhaus
Lighting Mentee: Holi Walsh
AV Operator: Alice Clarke
Stage Managment Mentee: Ella Lubowitz
Front of House: Kate Cameron & Thalia Livingstone
Marketing & Publicity: Erin Adams
Poster Image Credit: Theresa Harrison