Med Revue: Dante’s Disco Inferno

06/09/2018 – 08/09/2018

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Come see our musical theatre and sketch comedy show that will have you laughing out loud and wildly expelling bodily fluids from every orifice. We can promise you a night of devilishly good humour and deadly musical delights.

We at Medleys, the 103-year-old University of Melbourne revue group, have once again written an original show with comedy skits, musical parodies, and a bangin’ musical and we can’t wait for you too see it.

All proceeds will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to support their work providing everything from food and housing, to legal aid and political advocacy.

So come and join us for a night of laughter, tears, possible human sacrifice, and to raise money for a truly important cause.

Dialog Review:

The Med Revue: Medley’s Burning Inferno


Alex Nathan
Alex Nathan
Karen Tan
Andrew Coote
Michael Wu
Ellie Phillips
Anton Jermakoff
Suresh Haikerwal
Sarah Marshall
Georgia Laidlaw
Shubham Joshi
Sophie Avramoudas
Elliott Cope
Felix Davis
Aleksandra Djordjevic
Cheng Feng
Rachel Howard
Dahlia Ismael
Nicole Milanko
Bassel Mourad
Madeline Spicer
Vincent Tan
Chris Troupis

Ben Pearse
Lawrence Kwok
Emma Wu
Anthony Jun
Shirley Chen
Georgina Roberts
Melanie Johnston
Michael Bao
Elliot Richardson
Suresh Hailerwal
Casey Fung
Nicole Milanko
Ben Milanko
Brett Thomas
Hugh Blackie
Emily Thrower
Christine Jun
Erica Musgrove
Yang (Ed) Liuyang