Rhinoceros (2018)

20/09/2018 – 22/09/2018

Eugene Ionesco

Trinity College Presents: RHINOCEROS, a classic absurdist comedy with a dark twist by French playwright Eugene Ionesco.

A small town is disturbed by the sudden appearances of rhinoceroses. As the residents try to figure out what is going on, slowly people begin turning into rhinoceroses! One citizen, Berenger, refuses to give into the group mentality, attempting to hold onto his individuality.

Over 40 students from Trinity College have worked for almost 3 months to create this hilarious and chilling rendition of Eugene Ionesco’s classic. ‘RHINOCEROS’ will perform at the University of Melbourne in the Guild Theatre at 7:30pm from Thursday the 20th of September to Saturday the 22nd of September. Please note this Theatre is wheelchair accessible.

Will Hansen
Berenger: Joseph Carbone
Jean: Vaughan Marega
Daisy: Sophie Goodin
Dudard: Morgan Galea
The Waitress: Phoebe Edwards
The Housewife: James Verheggen
The Grocer: Oscar Yencken
The Madame: Gabie Le Miere
The Logician: Paul-Marie Beau
The Café Proprietor: Claudia Trotter
The Baker: Priyansh Parekh
Botard: Anna McGinley
Mr. Papillion: Grace Burke
Mrs. Beoff: Charlotte Hartley
Mr. Beoff: James Langley
The Firemen: Jemma Morris & Miles Donnellan
The Little Old Man: Anthony O'Neil
The Little Old Lady: Grace Burke
Producer: James Riddell-Clark
Director: Will Hansen
Assistant Producer: Will Clarke
Artistic Director: Tiff Copeland
Stage Managers: Beatrice Hart & Paris Mordecai
Treasurer: Johnny McDonald