Mindquest- Journey into Forever

26/09/2018 – 29/09/2018

Produced by


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The Vortons are devouring the universe and only a bewildered crew of no-hopers – led by a hundred-year-old playwright – can save the day. They’ll have to journey across realities, matching wits with the oddball and oblique, hurtling from abandoned suburbs to the orbit of dying stars, from the sinister Forest of Eyes to the edge of the galaxy – and beyond!

The Mudcrabs (Melbourne University Comedy Revue Board) are the most prolific comedy group on campus, and have been awarded the Industrious Creativity Award for our 2017 body of work from the Union’s Creative Arts Department among several nominations including outstanding comedy, outstanding direction and audience engagement. This is our first long-form narrative work and we’d love for you to come along on this kaleidoscopic comedy adventure.

James Macaronas
Liv Bell
Anish Das
Simon Farley
Joe Jackson
Simran Monga
Silvi Amelia
Iszzy Williamson
Emily White
Ellie Woods
Shane Woods
Director - James Macaronas
Producer - Finn Lloyd (Orson Douglas)
Production Manager - Matthew Schäffner
Stage Manager - Tully Mauritzen
Lighting Designer - Anna Grace Smith
Publicity - Amie Green
Equity - Sandy Whittem