The Witches of Eastwick (2018)

28/09/2018 – 06/10/2018

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Novel by John Updike, adapted for stage by John Dempsey (lyrics and book) and Dana P. Rowe (music)

Alexandra, Jane and Sukie have never fit in in Eastwick. They have no intention of following the strict and oppressive rules placed on them as single women in a town where everyone knows everybody’s business. When they unknowingly conjure up their dream man, a devilish stranger from New York, they’re immersed in a world of pleasure, magic and freedom. But Darryl van Horne has bigger plans for his “little ladies” – plans that put the people of Eastwick in grave danger. A delightful mix of comedy, drama and horror, The Witches of Eastwick is a guaranteed night of debaucherous and devilish entertainment. Come join us and dance with the devil… if you dare.

Tabitha Lee
Music director
Christopher Johnson
Laura de Iongh & Hannah Disher
Milla Gentil and Harriet Wing
Alexandra Spofford - Isabella Wiemers
Jane Smart - Eloise Bagnara
Sukie Rougemont - Asher Harrington
Darryl Van Horne - Harry Gore
Felicia Gabriel - Olivia Sweeney
Jennifer Gabriel - Melanie Bird
Michael Spofford - Will McDonald
Clyde Gabriel - Daniel Czech
Fidel - Max Jelbart
Little Girl - Lucy Kelly
Gina Marino - Rebecca Cecil
Brenda Parsley - Cindy Jiang
Greta Neff - Ariella Gordon
Joe Marino - Spencer Hines
Raymond Neff - Jacob Kuek
Ed Parsley - Bradley Dylan
Franny Lovecraft - Eleanor Davey
Eudora Bryce - Amelia Long
Marge Perly - Oriel Forsyth
Toby Bergman - Harry Tibballs
Frank Ogden - Farhan Majumder
Rebecca - Katie Treasure
Claire - Celine Manikhode
Mavis Jessup - Laura Wilson
Mabel Ogden - Kristi Lenton
Marcy Wills - Selena Nicastri
Curtis Halleybred - Nick Angus
Homer Perly - Flynn Smeaton
Dr Henry Patterson - Demetrius Kiriakidis
Betsy Brown - Sorcha Hennessy
Eugene Brown - Marc Aloi
Chester Milton - Truman Gerner
Director - Tabitha Lee
Assistant Director - Nabs Adnan & Rebecca Poynton
Music Director - Christopher Johnson
Assistant Music Director & Vocals - Mel O'Brien
Assistant Music Director & Répétiteur - Ned Wright-Smith
Choreographer - Laura de Iongh & Hannah Disher

Producer and Co-Stage Manager - Sian Morrison
Assistant Producer - Nathan Kramer
Production Manager - Tom O’Sullivan
Stage Manager - Annie Gleisner
Deputy Stage Manager - Scout Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz
Assistant Stage Manager - Karolina Judd
Technical Director - David Barrell
Costume Designer - Monique Langford
Costume Designer - Tori Adams
Hair & Makeup Designer - Charlotte Armstrong
Lighting Designer - Alec Barber
Publicity Manager - Francis Cao
Assistant Publicity Manager - Max Lowman
Set Designer - Milla Gentil
Set Designer - Harriet Wing
Assistant Set Designer - Xavier Busuttil-Crellin
Sound Designer - Mabrur Rahman
Equity & Access Officer - Grace Haslinghouse
Equity & Access Officer - Ahila Navaratnam