A Party To Murder

18/10/2018 – 20/10/2018

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Adapted from Marcia Kash, Douglas E. Hughs.
The Cassandra Lakes, an isolated area of the East China Sea, have been supplying an endless source for mysterious stories, and the most famous one should be "The Phantom Five." It was said that the five people with the greatest power in China disappeared there together, and no one has ever seen them again...
Twenty-five years later, the legend of "The Phantom Five" has been faded from people's memory while the Cassandra Lakes have also become a popular resort centring mystery and horror. On a Halloween night, six people from different fields were gathered again in the Cassandra Lakes for the commemoration of Agatha Christie. However, the peace was broken by a series of extraordinary things, such as the lightbulb failure, the haunted passage, the secret device of the bookshelf and the body on the wall. In an equally terrific night at the same place, the death hints were revealed one after another, like what Agatha Christie wrote in her famous "And Then There Were None," and more and more astonishing secrets were disclosed when reaching closer to the truth...