Kit Goodman! A Good Man (2019)

09/04/2019 – 13/04/2019

Produced by


Emily White
If you've ever felt personally victimised by PTV, this is the show for you. There's a killer on the loose, terrorising the streets of Melbourne by travelling on public transport without a valid ticket. Only a dynamic collaboration between Kit Goodman, the most chiselled detective at Victoria Police, and the most ruthless of PTV's authorised officers, Ronda Redgate, can save the city and get the trams back on track. With his masculinity on the line (the Upfield line), Mr Goodman is not happy about this new partnership. This case will take the help of all the personnel their departments can offer, from tram stop spies to the elf queen who lives in the basement of Brunswick police station. Join Kit Goodman on this mission to find out what shenanigans ensue.
Emily White
Kit Goodman: Tombi Lloyd Ronda Redgate: Emma Bampton Ivana & Jana Cobra: Matt Bostock Jonothan & The Butler: Will Farnsworth Becca Doom: Merryn Hughes Elfreda: Karla Murphy Mash: Liv Bell Bangas: Joe Jackson
Writer/Director: Emily White Assistant Director: Simon Farley Producer: Nicholas Kirkby Production Manager: Shane Woods Stage Manager: Matthew Schaffner Publicity Manager: Yufan Jo Chen Lighting Design: AJ McFadden Lighting Operator: Ashleigh Morris Sound Design: Conor Day Sound Operator: Lionel Eisenbruch Captioning Operator: Lina Cao Costumes and Props: Liv Bell Set Design: AJ McFadden Welfare: Simon Farley, Emma Bampton Front of House Manager: Claudia Seers